Give Me The Keys To The Kingdom
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Jerry Schuster
(A Self Portrait)

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About The Author

Hi! My name is Jerry Schuster and I make my living as a businessman and portrait artist.  However, long before I ever started painting professionally (I was already in my 50s when the door opened for me) I discovered the spiritual side of life.  Up until the time I was 27, my concept of God was vague, at best.  Mostly, I just doubted. That all changed through a series of remarkable events, although I don't suppose they were any more remarkable than a thousand other stories I've heard down through the years.

What was remarkable was the prayer I offered when I invited Christ into my life.  I've always been a person who needed facts.  I want to understand how things work, to have a clear insight into the forces that affect my life.  There came a time when I fully realized that Jesus Christ was exactly who he said he was - the Messiah.  The trouble was that I knew that with all my heart, but my head was a little slow to catch up.

So when I committed my life to Christ, I posed a request.  My decision wasn't hinged on it, but I asked the Lord if he would be so kind as to give me that insight into the spiritual side of life that I so craved.  The next 90 days, or so, was like putting on glasses that allowed me to see for the very first time.  Knowledge and understanding came at a fantastic rate.

I was perfectly satisfied with that, to be honest.  But the Lord took that prayer further than I ever intended it to go.  Over the next 30+ years, he opened my eyes in ways I could never have envisioned when I made that simple request.

I must confess that this hasn't always been a journey of willing cooperation on my part.  Quite the opposite, actually.  It was more like being dragged, kicking and screaming into some semblance of knowledge and maturity.  But then, I don't think He could have revealed some of the things He's showed me if the road had been easier.

This website - and the book that it represents - is the result of his prodding to share the things that He's shown me to a wider audience.  I hope you not only enjoy it, but find answers that open your eyes as they did mine.


Jerry Schuster

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