Give Me The Keys To The Kingdom
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I have several articles that may be of interest to you. These are listed, below.  However, I intend to develop many more and may include parts of the book, as well.  I encourage you to subscribe to these in the form to the left. I promise that I won't abuse the privilege of making contact with you.

All of the articles - and the book - are designed to do one thing: To shake up your thinking about spiritual issues.  So much misinformation and religious dogma has infiltrated our culture, that great truths are being lost in the process. As a result, our understanding and appreciation of God suffers because of it.

The Parable Of The Roast Beef is a simple little story that illustrates how easily this occurs.  It prepares our mind to have the courage to challenge our own thoughts and beliefs; to hold them up to careful analysis and to be willing to change our views.  It's an excellent anecdote to start us on this journey of discovery.

Sampson Was A Wimp is an outright poke at the nonsense that everyone from Sunday School teachers to Hollywood movie makers have foisted upon us.  When you compare the standard version of Sampson with the real, biblical version, it's almost laughable.

Is hell really such a bad place?  Maybe, maybe not.  When you read Send Me Straight To Hell, you might just change your mind.  Here again, the culture of the modern church puts forward a vision of heaven and hell that substantially misses the mark.  And in the process, it leaves us short-changed on understanding the incredible power of God.

How can it be that God could hate religion?  That seems, at first to be impossible.  I hope that once you read Why God Hates Religion, it encourages you to challenge your own views on the nature of religion.

Our minds have slammed shut to spiritual truths in many cases due to White Noise And Other Spiritual Distractions.  Even things that are true and valuable are relegated to the background due to these insidious thieves of our faith.